Orbt Progress Update #3: Discover Page & Starting the Wizard

We are so close! We have now completed the Discover Page, which will be the main page of the app and where you will be able to choose a city to generate your itinerary. You will also be able to see articles with topics ranging from the best restaurants in the city, to what you should pack for vacation. Just for good measure, we’ve also semi-completed the first screen of the wizard, or the flow to creating your itinerary. These screens may not be final, but they are pretty darn close!

The Discover Page + Searching Cities

Our most prized possession – the Discover Page! 🥳 For now, we have popular destinations and popular articles, but we plan to expand this more in the future. You can also search for destinations and tap to open up the city details!

Popular Destinations & City Details

This is where we allow users to simply look around at the popular cities of the world if they are unsure where to vacation next. From the city details page, you can also quickly begin an itinerary. The information on this page is set to improve, but we’ve got it all working smoothly!

Popular Articles/Blog

Next, we have a section where users can browse our articles/blog. For now, we are opening up a mobile webview to our blog (the website you’re on now), but in the future, we will be adding an in-app version!

Starting the Wizard – “Who’s Going?”

Last but not least in this update – we started the wizard! The wizard is essentially just a flow you will follow to create the perfect personalized itinerary. Right now, we only have the “Who’s Going?” page, but it will eventually have Dates, Interests, and Budget! (Possibly more in the future? 🤔 We shall see!)

And that’s all she wrote for the third update! If you’ve read all the way through, don’t be shy and leave a comment! Even if you don’t though, we appreciate the continued support, and we will see you next week – hopefully with a completed wizard!


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