Orbt Progress Update #4: Almost Finished!!

I have some SUPER exciting news… we are nearly finished with Orbt – The Smart Trip Planner! Normally I update you all with features that we’ve completed since the last progress update, but since we’ve made so much progress in that time, it’d be easier to let you know what’s NOT complete. All we have left is the Review Page, Settings Page, and the Premium Plan. Everything else is complete! Of course, we still have some QA to do before we launch, but get excited because we are in the home stretch!

My Trips Page Completed

You can now view all your trips on the “My Trips” Page! There will be different variations based on how soon the trip is, but for now to test, we just have this one itinerary.

Itineraries Ready to Go! And Maps?!

Here’s what you all have been ready for – the actual itineraries! Everything’s hooked up and ready to go. Even distance/travel times are good to go as well! We’ve also gone above and beyond and added a route planner map between each location. It’s all coming together!

Completed Wizard (Minus the Review Page)

The wizard is fully complete, and all we need to add is the Review Page to review your prompts! You can officially choose when you’re going on your trip, who’s going, your budget, and your interests!

Profile Page Completed

We aren’t completely sure what else to add to this page, but you can view your profile photo and email here! You can also change your name to your heart’s desire 🙂

Popular Articles Page Now Webview

For easier functionality, we’ve converted the Popular Articles Page into Webview! Now it loads faster and looks much better. Plus, it’s now all in the app for easier navigation.

And there you have it! The almost-complete MVP. We are so excited to bring this to you all very shortly. I don’t want to say a specific time yet just in case we hit some roadblocks, but we should be looking good for the end of June or early July 👀