Orbt Progress Update #5: We’re in the End Game Now!

It’s time! We are SO close. The only things we have left now are a few adjustments and QA/bug fixes. We anticipate launching in late June/very early July, so get hype! Not too much different to show you visually this week since we were mostly hooking things together and smoothing flows out – but regardless, here is (very likely) the last update before launch!!

My Trips Page Update

Unlike last week, you can now see the different variations we have in the My Trips Page. As you can see, your most immediate trip is the largest, followed by future trips being smaller. There is also a section to see trips you are invited to! Last but not least, you can search through your trips – for hardcore travelers that have too many trips to count!

Settings Page Completed

This isn’t the sexiest update, but the Settings Page is now complete! It’s looking nice and sleek, even for a Settings Page, if I do say so myself.

Share Your Trips with Others

We’ve added the quick and easy ability to share your trips with anyone! Simply copy the link it gives you and send it to whoever is going on your trip with you. If they have Orbt already downloaded, they will automatically have that trip saved in their My Trips Page. If not, they simply need to download Orbt, and they will still automatically have that trip saved to their My Trips Page after they sign up!

Itinerary Review Page Now Good to Go

Also unlike last week, the Wizard is (actually) completely finished – complete with the Review Page! Review all your choices and edit them if you wish. Change the name of your trip from the default as well if your heart desires!

There’s more that we worked on since the last update – but they aren’t exactly visually interesting (or interesting in general, to be honest). So we’ll keep the boring stuff to ourselves.

Anyway, we are almost there. Our next update will be our launch post so keep your eyes peeled and your fingers ready to tap “download” when we release! As always, we appreciate each and every one of you, and don’t forget to share Orbt with your friends and family!