Practical Ways to Have a Stress-Free Vacation (And Hopefully Save Money!)

If you’re traveling, you probably want your vacation to be relaxing, stress-free, and to NOT get scammed.

At Orbt, we’ve compiled a list of practical things you can do to have the best vacation you can.

Do NOT let your taxi driver know you don’t know where you are going.

In other words, know where you are going and (generally) how to get there. This way, you can avoid the taxi running up your tab by running circles or taking an inefficient route. As always, be confident and affirmative, but don’t be aggressive.

Try to at least learn a few common phrases in the native language of your vacation destination.

People love to share their culture with people who genuinely want to learn. Learning a few common phrases is a great way to show the locals that you are at least trying and may earn you some brownie points! However, remember to keep it respectful and don’t push it if people don’t seem interested in helping you. Keep it light and open-minded!

Remember that places may open or close at different times than you are used to.

It’s easy to forget that other countries or even cities may have different customs in terms of when businesses are open for business – especially anything toward the evening/nighttime. Make sure to double-check times on your favorite app or website!

Don’t leave stuff lying around or loosely on your person.

Regardless of which country you are in, there are bound to be bad apples sleuthing around that prey on tourists. Make sure your personal belongings are securely in a tight or preferably closed pocket, bag (that is tightly secured on your arm), or in your hands. It’s unfortunate, but some people are out there looking to pickpocket and steal. Don’t let it ruin your vacation!

Avoid restaurants or stores in touristy areas that have people ushering you inside or have prices and pictures plastered everywhere.

Generally, any place that needs a “pushy salesman” type to lure in tourists is probably a) expensive, and/or b) not great quality. It’s true that there are probably a few places that have great food or items, but the majority won’t be worth your time. At the very least, these places will not be worth it in terms of value.

Do not accept any items you are handed.

This is a common scam tactic where the person who handed you the item will in turn demand you pay for said item. Some, if not most, are persistent in not taking back the item. It may hurt to simply ignore people, but unfortunately, that is a good rule of thumb in many touristy areas!