Reddit’s Favorite Los Angeles Restaurants

In this article, we’ve aggregated LA locals’ favorite restaurants based on upvotes – and we’ve added details and descriptions of these places ourselves as well. Check it out!

Jaliz Cuisine of East Africa

Location: Van Nuys | Google Rating: 4.7⭐ w/ 154 reviews

Jaliz Cuisine of East Africa specializes in – you guessed it – East African cuisine (more specifically, Ugandan cuisine). While the food is unique relative to LA, the location is also unique. It is located at the back of the owner’s house, complete with lots of outdoor seating and a homey experience. You’ll feel like a neighbor stopping by for a tasty home-cooked meal. They serve different menu items every day, but the main go-to’s are stews and skewers. So, if you’re down for a little bit of a different restaurant experience, be sure to check out Jaliz Cuisine of East Africa in Van Nuys.

Gloria’s Cuisine

Location: Highland Park | Google Rating: 4.6⭐ w/ 433 reviews

Gloria’s Cuisine is a mix of Latin and American brunch options. So you’ll have the classic egg platter-type dishes mixed in with delicious Latin flavors. There are also options on either side of those cuisines, so if you’re not feeling a sandwich that day, you can get the mole enchiladas instead. It is a little pricey, but honestly, brunch always is. Here though, you will definitely get quality food for the price.

Tacos El Goloso

Location: Harbor City | Google Rating: 4.6⭐ w/ 380 reviews

One Reddit user points out, “Don’t be fooled by the location in Hermosa”. After starting in Harbor City, they have quickly expanded to add more locations. So if this Reddit user knows anything, try out the one in Harbor City for the best experience. They have legitimate birria, a recent-ish online viral sensation. If you don’t know, birria is a flavorful Mexican stew made traditionally with goat meat (though many substitutions and kinds are available). A popular way to eat birria is by dunking other dishes (like tacos or quesadillas) inside the stew and combining for a flavorful bite. So, if you want to try a taste of this viral sensation, Tacos El Goloso may be a great place to try out the real thing.

Harold & Belle’s

Location: Jefferson Park | Google Rating: 4.3⭐ w/ 2,120 reviews

Harold & Belle’s is a New Orleans cuisine restaurant serving traditional southern food. If you’re from the south, this place should remind you of home, but slightly more upscale than you might think. They have gumbo, oysters, jambalaya, po boys – it’s like you never left! As some reviews have pointed out, however, parking may be a little hard to find, so make sure to carpool if you’re going with a group of friends or family. Speaking of family, this restaurant has been in the family for 3 generations starting in 1969!

Isla Cuban Kitchen

Location: Buena Park/La Palma | Google Rating: 4.5⭐ w/ 885 reviews

Isla Cuban-Latin Kitchen & Rum Bar (as it’s officially named on Google) is a lively Cuban-Latin eatery that’s as much of an experience as it is an excellent place for food and drink. There is live music often playing at dinnertime, and it’s a great place to get up and dance. However, it can be a little loud, so if you’re looking for a quiet night out, this is absolutely the wrong place to go. If you’re in the mood for music, dancing, and drinks though, this is the place for you!