Orbt Progress Update #1: Building Blocks

Welcome to our first weekly progress update! We should have probably started earlier, but to be honest, we didn’t have too many visual updates to share (and we all love visuals!) so we held off. Well… technically we have our design prototypes ready but – we will just share the progress as we build on the app 🙂

We are getting very close to completing the common components of the app. As I, the writer of this blog post, am not the developer(s) of the app (that would be the other two cofounders), I will be a handy guide to any non-technical followers of the newsletter.

Basically, common components are reusable assets “such as buttons, typography, color systems, and global aesthetics like screen spacing and blur effects” (quoted directly from one of the developers). You know what – it would be easier to just show some videos.

Bottom Bar

Keep your focus at the very bottom of the screen. We have some very nice animations when swapping to different tabs. Pretty slick, eh?

Buttons & Numbers

Next, we have some buttons of all sizes. Also, numbers! Think of all the possibilities!

Text, Toggles, & Dots

Getting to the fun part – look at that slick animation on the textbox when you go to search or hit the X. Toggles and sliding through dots looking good as well!

More Selections

Who doesn’t love selecting things? Especially when they look and feel this good? I’m excited for y’all to hit these selections, not gonna lie.

Tab Bar & Menu

Lastly, we have the super-smooth Tab Bar (for y’all to scrub through dates on your itineraries) and various menu items. We really have thought of everything, haven’t we?

And herein lies the end of our journey… er, first weekly progress update. I look forward to sharing more with you guys! Be sure to share Orbt with your friends and family and add them to the newsletter so we have more motivation to fuel the fire. Oh, and before you go, a quick poll question:

Should I continue to use separated videos or combine them all into one?


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