Orbt Progress Update #2: Finishing Up Design Systems & Parallax

It’s that time of the week again – an update on Orbt! Don’t let those words in the title scare you. Design systems are just what we introduced last week to you all, and parallax is just a cool visual effect (that I will show you in a second, get excited!)

For those of you that haven’t read last week’s post, I want to reiterate that I, the writer of this newsletter/blog post, am the non-technical co-founder of this app, so for any other non-technical readers, I am here for you!

Anyway, to get started, I wanted to show you guys the rest of the design systems that we finished up this week:

List Items

Just some good ol’ list items. We’ll be using lots of lists around these parts. 🤠

Grid Items

Grid items will be the core of our Discover Page. The Discover Page will double as a place to learn about popular locations, attractions, and articles (and hopefully in the future, community posts) while also being the page to start the wizard to generate your AI itinerary. Of course, we’ll need all sizes as well!


Ah, the ever-important modal. Modals are essential because they are slick, easy ways to give out information or confirmations when a button is tapped. We’ll have all different kinds of modals, as shown here.


Who doesn’t love a good blurb? Similar to modals except they mostly just give information. We absolutely need these, as we have a lot of information to share with you!

Empty States

Unlike blurbs giving you information, empty states are needed when there is no information for us to give you. Well, I guess technically we give you the information that there IS no information to give you IN the empty state so… my head hurts. But look! Just in time comes-

Parallax Effect

-the almighty parallax effect! 🥳 This effect (which we probably won’t use anywhere else other than the login screen sadly) is so slick and smooth that I would be stuck on this page for LITERAL MINUTES just sliding that bad boy back and forth. I mean, just look at that. Get excited – you’ll be able to slide that s**t yourself real soon.

And so, there you have it – Orbt’s 2nd progress update. This upcoming week, we’ll be focusing on making sure the login actually works and possibly be moving onto a few screens! If you’re as excited as I am, make sure to comment below and also share Orbt with any other travel or tech lovers. See you all again very soon!


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